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    June 10, 2010
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    May 27, 2010
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  • HighPerformance Cultures becomes exclusive reseller of CatalystOne Solutions AS software in North/South America
    May 25, 2010


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High performing cultures do not happen by chance. The most successful companies create processes and systems for:

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• Alignment:

We support our clients by creating programs and processes that align people to the business strategy. Our processes support monitoring performance and progress for success. HighPerformanceCultures® provide business management consulting in the field of people, leader, team, and organizational development. Your strategy is only as successful as is the organizations' ability to execute. Execution happens when the executive team; leaders, and talents are all aligned and working in the same direction as your strategy.

• Change management:

Today, the “new normal” of business activity requires many corporate leaders to change their organization's size, structure, and business operating approach. Our consultants have extensive experience partnering with the executive steering committee and human resources organization to create change strategies for human capital project implementation; small and large-scale restructuring and Merger & Acquisition projects. We provide business consulting services in the field of organizational change management.

• Culture creation:

Every organization has its own unique culture. We help clients assess the current organizational culture and identify how to create business differentiation or build a culture that moves the organization in a new direction. We believe that a strong organizational culture is a key human capital and business strategy.

• Leadership excellence and talent development:

Leadership strengthens and reinforces the organization's values and culture. The measurement of successful leadership is sustained and predictable business performance. Leaders and people must consistently deliver results that matter to the board, executive team, shareholders, and customers. Successful organizations measure executive team effectiveness, the results delivered by leaders, key talent performance, and workforce performance.

• Organization design & development:

Management must design the organization to operate in a systematic and efficient manner. We help our clients design custom organization and operating systems to address business requirements and strategic views. We provide organizational development, design, and operating system consulting services.

• Performance management:

Business visions and strategies must be transformed into tangible and actionable goals to be successful. Our consultants are experienced facilitators in transforming business strategies and aspirations into goals, that leaders and employees can be aligned and energized, to achieve. We provide consulting services in the area of sustainable business solutions, transforming strategy into actionable goals, measures, and KPIs. This is accomplished by planning, facilitating and aligning teams, implementing, reviewing, adjusting, and monitoring your entire performance management system to achieve your desired business results.

• Succession management:

To achieve sustainable and predictable performance, it is necessary to build robust internal talents and leaders ready to fill positions at all levels of your organization. We believe that a strong succession management process is a key business strategy. Our consulting services address business leadership development and business management with custom succession management design.

• Values:

The most successful and resilient organizations have a strong culture anchored in organizational values. Taking a long-term view, values and standards define and clarify the living reality of an organization. The decisions people make and the actions that follow transform organizational values into concrete and visible behaviors. In today's unpredictable world, we all face dilemmas every day at work. Leaders and employees have to decide from conflicting alternatives.

By aligning personal values with organizational values, leaders and talents will make the right decision, behave predictably, and take actions that will create value for the organization. Our consultants help bring to life values within your organization.

Our consultants have expertise needed to create values from your vision to guide your organization in a new direction. We provide culture development and branding services, namely, consulting, development, management and marketing of culture brands for businesses. The true culture of an organization is the strongest marketing tool you have. Your culture is part of your corporate image and marketing profile – internally and externally.

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