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    June 10, 2010
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    May 25, 2010


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HighPerformanceCultures® provides clients with strategic and actionable models and methods in human capital strategy. We believe people must understand what is expected of them and what they may expect from their organization and that each person understands their roles and responsibilities.

We help you determine the best human capital strategy for leaders, talents, organization development, performance and succession management and - we help you implement those systems.

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How we work with our clients

For many of our clients, the first need is to establish an enduring organizational culture value proposition for stakeholders – from the board of directors to executive ranks to the sales team to line employees – so everyone in the organization is aligned with the business direction and it is clear what is expected from people.

From there, we research our client to understand the cultural legacy and future vision to create tailored solutions based around each company's brand, culture, vision, and goals.

People and organizational strategies and solutions

Retaining valuable employees

Attracting, retaining, and developing key leaders and talents are essential to the strength of a business. HighPerformanceCultures® assists our clients in developing strategies to attract, retain, select, develop, reward, and deploy leaders and talents at all levels of your organization. Our consulting services provide organization and management advisory services in the field of human resources and organizational development, namely, for the promotion of employee retention, career growth, and increased productivity for employees and organizations.

Finding internal talent and evaluating future leaders

Knowing which employees are creating value for your company, and which need additional support can pay big dividends for your business.

Using our methods and tools to find talents and leaders, we help clients identify truly high performing leaders, talents, and future leaders within your organization.

Strategy into actions

HighPerformanceCultures® facilitate teams and individual executives, line managers, talents, and functional departments in developing SMART goals and scorecards to transform strategy into actionable goals and KPIs. This process allows stakeholders to measure for success – at all levels of the organization.

Executive/Talent Coaching

Broad, generic training classes assume that every employee is on the same level and can benefit from blanket programs– and that is not the case. Once you have identified where and how employees, leaders and executives perform in terms of their achievements, capabilities, and potential, you need a customized approach to fostering their strengths and developing them for the next level.

The HighPerformanceCultures® team is made up of experienced and highly trained human capital talent and leader coaches that provide one-on-one performance coaching customized for executives and high-potential talents.

Culture Strategies and Solutions

One of the most common contributing factors to failed mergers between companies is the lack of integration of cultures. Just because two companies have complementary products or services, or offer an opportunity to expand into new markets, does not mean that a combination will work. Every company has a distinct culture that has developed over time among employees and your key constituencies. Bringing two or more powerful and unique companies together and expecting things to integrate organically is not a viable strategy. Our business consulting services will differentiate your culture, namely, providing assistance in development of business and culture strategies and culture creation.

HighPerformanceCultures® brings decades of experience in facilitating strategic cultural integration in merger and acquisition environments to help companies develop a fresh vision and values that can be introduced and drive a new culture combining the best of the legacy organization and emerge transformed into a truly new, cohesive entity.

We offer custom culture program creation and implementation:

  • Culture assessment and transformation
  • Organization operating model assessment and transformation
  • Leader and Talent assessment
  • Leader and Talent development
  • Leadership succession management
  • Talent calibration process – department to enterprise wide
  • Learning organization model

Training Solutions

We create and provide custom forward-looking training for enterprise leaders:

  • How to be an effective leader in the 21st century
  • The future of management – where are we going?
  • How to create a truly differentiated people strategy
  • Organizational goal and metrics – developing, anchoring, and monitoring for success

We create and provide custom training for human resource leaders, professionals and organizational strategists:

  • How to be an effective HR leader in the 21st century
  • Human capital strategy and development
  • Succession management process and systems
  • Performance management process and systems

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