• Harvard Business Review - Why We (Shouldn't) Hate HR
    June 10, 2010
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  • Newsweek - Does the World Still Have Talent?
    May 27, 2010
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  • HighPerformance Cultures becomes exclusive reseller of CatalystOne Solutions AS software in North/South America
    May 25, 2010


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Our Values

  • Delivering satisfaction
    Our focus is to deliver client satisfaction. We are in business to build higher performing cultures that create long–term value for our clients. We take pride in delivering high–quality, value–added services and products. Delivering results and creating value provides us with opportunities to invest in our firm and help others. We recognize delivering on our promises helps us attract and retain clients.
  • Collaborative partner
    True partners work together to achieve mutual success. We take responsibility to ensure expectations are clear. It is important to us that we are heard and understood, that our clients are aware of and comfortable with the proposed plan. We recognize that people and teams are key to client satisfaction, corporate growth, and lasting value. Everything we do is designed to maximize client and people satisfaction, productivity, and continuous improvement.
  • Actionable knowledge
    Through our actions, knowledge and integrity we are respected by clients and peers. We strive to understand our clients' requirements and honestly and openly provide advice and expertise that is relevant and creates value. Our clients know their business and every client is different. We always start by listening and learning before we craft a game plan. Our clients benefit from our expert knowledge and continuous ideation. We are experts in human capital theory and applied methods. This foundation allows us to provide comprehensive services to organizations and corporate clients. We believe that a referral is the highest form of flattery and acknowledgement of a job well done.
  • Caring stewards
    All our actions are focused to respect and care for all people whom we interact and be good community and environmental stewards. We strive to help our community, colleagues, and others. We operate in a manner to prevent the loss of assets, people and to protect our environment. We work in a safe and environmentally sensitive way. Our goal is to have long–term relationships where we ensure trust and firm success.

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