• Harvard Business Review - Why We (Shouldn't) Hate HR
    June 10, 2010
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  • Newsweek - Does the World Still Have Talent?
    May 27, 2010
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  • HighPerformance Cultures becomes exclusive reseller of CatalystOne Solutions AS software in North/South America
    May 25, 2010


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Harvard Business Review - Why We (Shouldn't) Hate HR
June 10, 2010

I spend much of my time giving talks to companies, trade associations, and professional societies from the worlds of marketing, IT, and human resources. And whenever I talk to an HR audience, there's someone after the event who wants to talk to me about an article we published in Fast Company way back in 2005. The essay, designed to stir up discussion, was titled "Why We Hate HR" — and it's left a mark. To this day, human-resource executives want to praise it, denounce it, dissect it, and debate it. I guess that's a sign the essay succeeded — Read More

Newsweek - Does the World Still Have Talent?
May 27, 2010

Struggling back from the last two bruising years, companies of all sizes and across the economy are facing a massive shortage of top-tier management. Turnover in the commanding heights is intense. Wages are spiking as rival employers wage star wars. Corner offices are empty. “Thirty percent of employers across the globe continue to struggle to fill positions available,” Jeff Joerres, chief executive of the recruitment agency Manpower, told the World Economic Forum earlier this year.Read More

HighPerformance Cultures becomes exclusive reseller of CatalystOne Solutions AS software in North/South America
May 25, 2010


CNN/Money - Let the Wall Street talent wars begin
May 19, 2010

Wall Street's long-standing fight for talent is starting to get nasty again. With profits steadily recovering and deal activity on the rise, investment banks are back to their old, plundering ways. "There is a constant war for talent in the financial services sector," said Gary Goldstein, president of the executive search firm The Whitney Group. "Is it heating up? Absolutely." Read More

strategy + business - Growth through Focus: A Blueprint for Driving Profitable Expansion
May 17, 2010

Rather than seek increased revenues and profits by expanding products and markets, companies should follow a seven-step strategy for achieving more with less. Read More

Forbes - In Praise Of Praise
February 03, 2010

The first time a boss thanked me for my work, I felt startled and a little confused. What? Had I heard that right? She's thanking me for doing the job I'm paid to do? Who expresses gratitude in the rude, no-nonsense world of journalism?
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BusinessWeek - Performance Reviews: It's about 'How,' Not 'Why'
January 08, 2010

Although dissatisfaction with annual performance reviews is widespread, such reviews can't simply be done away with. In these testing times, when every dollar counts, performance should be optimized. You could argue that managers owe it to owners and employees to do the review, and they should therefore do it in a way most likely to lead to better performance.
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Fortune - The Sustainability Executive
November 12, 2009

Being chief sustainability officer of a giant chemical company is a big job, but not for all the reasons you may think. DuPont CSO Linda Fisher must work hard to minimize the company's environmental footprint, but even nonmanufacturing companies now realize that the challenge is greater than they had imagined.
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Fortune BrainstormTech - The unsung heros of innovation
November 11, 2009

In the high-tech industry, "innovation" is part of our everyday vocabulary and one of the main reasons why many of us have chosen this field. And innovation is why, even after two decades, I get up every morning, excited about how our ideas can improve the way we live or do business.
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Fortune - Leading during a downturn
November 10, 2009

Leadership problems come up again and again in a downturn. Solving them doesn't take fancy technology - just character and courage.
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Forbes - Leadership Beyond Bounds
October 28, 2009

How to lead by collaborating far beyond your area of direct authority.
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Forbes - To Lead Tell a Story
October 12, 2009

Numbers and charts can never have the same effect.
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Business Week - How to Build a Culture of Innovation
August 19, 2009

India's Tata Group has made innovation part of its DNA, setting up a way for handling new ideas and making creative thinking a performance criterion.
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Fortune - Meet Shell's new CEO
July 13, 2009

Royal Dutch Shell this year has toppled Exxon Mobil from the top of the list of Fortune Global 500 companies, just as the Dutch oil company gets a new CEO. Peter Voser, 50, is a Swiss finance expert and Shell veteran who left the company in 2002 to help turn around the Swiss engineering firm ABB, and then came roaring back two years later.
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Fortune - Sony: Lost in Transformation
June 26, 2009

Sir Howard Stringer has been pushing for years to revive the Japanese conglomerate. Will a youthful (by Sony standards) new team help him realize his digital dream?
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Forbes - why most M&A Deals End Up Badly
June 16, 2009

Even with all the bargains out there now, the pitfalls will usually outweigh the advantages.
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Forbes - Change Your Mind Before You Change Your Company
May 27, 2009

Your organization has likely been charting a new course to get through today's economic turmoil. But is your new direction getting you there? History shows that change initiatives--realignment, restructuring, re-engineering and the rest--succeed only one time out of every four.
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Business Week - Chrysler, Culture and Cerberus
May 01, 2009

There is a deep divide between my good friend Steve Baker, the author of The Numerati, a remarkable book, and myself over which is more important in business–numbers or culture. Coming from a tech background, he believes data. Coming from a design background, I believe culture.
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Fortune - What Admired firms don't have in common
March 06, 2009

The World's Most Admired Companies are respected for their talent, innovation and financial strength. But they get there very different ways.
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Harvard Business School - 10 Reasons to Design a Better Corporate Culture
December 22, 2008

We can learn a great deal from organizations whose strong and adaptive ownership cultures give them a powerful competitive edge. Here are HBS' top 10 lessons. Read More

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